jjpmcd (jjpmcd) wrote,

Ohio Linux Fest - Day 1

I guess the "real" part of OLF is Saturday, but Friday there are some tracks, including an "Early Penguins" track at which both Mel and Robyn were speaking.  An ulterior motive I had was to get pictures of them presenting; that didn't work out.

I met David and Mel and Robyn for breakfast at the hotel.  We walked over to the conference (a long walk inside the conference center) to get registered, but they weren't ready for speakers so I was the only one that actually got registered initially.  The actual talks didn't get started until 11.

One unfortunate feature is that the rooms were simply rows of chairs; there were no tables to set laptops, so for the most part I took my notes old-school (after harrassing Mel for taking notes on dried slabs of ground-up wood).

The first presentation was Mark Krenz on command line tricks.  He is the face behind @climagic and his talk was excellent.  A lot of little things I didn't know, and pointers to more goodies.

After lunch Brian Proffitt talked about the difference between free and open.  Interesting points from the guy who wrote the most recent book on Fedora.

Mel Chua presenting at OLFThen the Fedorans, and to tell the truth, I was a little surprised.  Both Mel and Robyn had topics that I thought were perhaps a little arcane to this sort of forum, but both drew really interesting Q&A sessions from a lot of engaged folks.

Unfortunately, almost as soon as Mel started her talk the battery in my camera died.  So, I grabbed my backup battery and it died almost immediately, too.  Falling back to my cell phone, guess what, it's battery went, too.

At that point I was pretty discouraged, and tired, so I went back to the room to kick back for a bit and recharge the batteries; mine and the electronics.

Later on a bunch of folks were hanging out in the hotel.  Spot and Paul had arrived, but almost all the Fedorans there were speakers and had a speaker's dinner to go to.  Spot (who wasn't speaking) organized an expedition to a sushi restaurant, which was really outstanding, both the fish and the talk.

There was a party which pretty much everyone went to.  I decided to pass since not only was I tired, but I needed to check out in the morning so I needed to get a head start on packing if I wasn't going to be too rushed in the morning.

All in all, quite a good day.


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