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Marketing Fedora

All these posts about the Marketing FAD got me thinking (bad sign). We are overlooking something important.

For years, Linux was for experts only. It was hard, you had to know a lot, and there weren't many helpful people out there. There were plenty of HOWTOs that always answered the wrong question, or answered the right one in a way no ordinary mortal could understand.

But over the years, that has changed -- A LOT.

I have an admission to make; until pretty recently, I was OS-agnostic. I use what works, and for a lot of things that was Windows. I still use Windows occasionally, but that is getting more unusual each day.

Why did I change? Because Fedora is easier.

Lets face it, no matter what box you are using, not everything always goes the way you want it. There are always new programs to install, new capabilities to exploit, and application upgrades that don't work the way they used to at the most critical time. Plus, there are viruses/trojans/exploits.

When was the last time you had to excise a virus on Fedora? I bet for most of us the answer is never. A huge fraction of my Windows time is spent cleaning out viruses and trojans on my wife's computer. It's been a while since I've swatted one on my machine, but that is probably because I only boot Windows to look at one web site that requires IE, and I never email from Windows.

What happens when you want to install a program? In Windows, you hunt around for the download site, or for the supplier with the lowest price, navigate some installer that is entirely unlike any you've ever seen before, and then figure out what else got broken by the new install, something you often don't find out until months later.

On Fedora? yum install whatever, and you're done.

What if something breaks? On Windows, there is no consistency on logging things, if they get logged at all. Repairs are often a matter of weeks of detective work, sometimes you just throw up your hands and start from scratch, which means you need to locate every old CD, every old download site, and then spend weeks readjusting your settings.

If you ask why not restore from backup, you've probably never used Windows. Once upon a time it was possible to make clean backups of Windows, but those products have long disappeared, and oh yeah, they were annual licenses, so even if you have an old copy, they have expired. As far as I can tell, the only way to make a clean Windows backup is to boot Fedora from a stick and copy a disk image to another box on the network. And if you don't know about Linux in the first place, then you simply re-install from scratch, just like everyone else.

OK, we Linux types are probably a niche, but part of the reason for that is that we have kept it a secret that Fedora is just plain easier than Windows.

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